Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry is distinguished by its focus on personal care and beauty products, such as creams, shower gels, and perfumes, among others. It is characterized by the need for constant innovation, compliance with strict quality and safety regulations, and the use of specialized processes in production. Additionally, marketing and brand image play a crucial role in a highly competitive and ever-evolving market.


Industrial Process Engineering

Challenges and Solutions in Cosmetic Production

Product Formulation

The cosmetics industry focuses on creating specific and unique formulas, combining active ingredients and excipients to achieve the desired texture, fragrance, and effectiveness.

Emulsion Processes

Many cosmetic products, such as creams and lotions, are emulsions that require specialized techniques to mix aqueous and oily components, ensuring stability and consistency.

Quality Control and Safety

Cosmetic products must comply with strict regulations and safety tests to ensure they are safe and effective in skincare and haircare.

Aseptic Manufacturing

Since many cosmetic products come into direct contact with the skin and mucous membranes, it is essential to maintain an aseptic production environment free from contaminants to prevent infections or irritations.

Innovation and Development of New Products

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving and searching for new ingredients, technologies, and trends that enable the creation of innovative and appealing products for consumers.

amphora process engineering

Why Us


Storage of liquid and solid raw materials in optimal conditions


Conduction of liquid and solid raw materials and products according to the required flow rates


High-precision dosing of liquid and solid raw materials


Mixing and agitation of liquid and solid raw materials to achieve a final product

“Turnkey” projects from start to finish

Relevant Processes in Cosmetic Manufacturing

Dosing of Raw Materials

This process is designed to handle both major and minor ingredients, whether liquid or solid, with maximum precision.

Our dosing system ensures accuracy and consistency in the incorporation of raw materials, which is crucial for the quality and effectiveness of your cosmetic products.

If you’re looking to improve precision in the formulation of your products and ensure consistency in every batch produced, our ‘Dosing of Raw Materials’ system is the solution you need.

Emulsion with Recirculation

This method, implemented in a specially designed chemical reactor, allows for the manufacturing of viscous cosmetic products with the perfect texture.

Our system maintains the emulsion in constant recirculation, ensuring homogeneous mixing, uniform heat distribution, and preventing particle sedimentation.

This process guarantees emulsion stability and enables precise control of product viscosity, resulting in high-quality cosmetics with the desired texture.

If you’re looking to improve the effectiveness and perception of your cosmetic products, our ‘Emulsion with Recirculation’ process may be the solution you need.

Turnkey Comprehensive Projects

Design, Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning

Any product requires the storage of the various ingredients that make up the final product, the dosing of these ingredients, and finally the mixing and agitation to achieve the final result.

At Amphora Process, we analyze each component of this formulation to carry out the process with the highest guarantees regarding food safety in storage, maximum precision in dosing, and perfect mixing to obtain the desired result in the product, always ensuring perfect hygiene at each point.

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