Food Industry

The food industry is distinguished by its focus on the production of products for human consumption, adherence to strict safety and quality regulations, and management of an efficient supply chain to ensure freshness and quality. Additionally, innovation and the development of new products and processes are essential in this sector to meet the needs and preferences of consumers.


Industrial Process Engineering

<h2>Challenges and Solutions</h2>

Quality Control and Industrial Safety

The food industry must ensure the quality and safety of products throughout the production process, complying with strict regulations and standards. Amphora Process analyzes and designs the best solutions to achieve guaranteed cleanliness in its facilities.

Innovation in Products and Processes

The food industry requires research and development of new products, ingredients, and processes to adapt to market trends and demands. Thanks to our R&D&I Department and our test center, Amphora Process offers testing services for the development of new products and processes.

Waste Reduction and Sustainability

The production processes of the food industry aim to minimize food and resource waste by implementing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. Amphora Process designs various equipment and elements dedicated to the destruction of leftover parts in the production process, which will be repurposed for other applications.

Automation and Technology

The food industry utilizes advanced technologies and automation systems to optimize production, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Amphora Process offers programming and automation services, controlling all mechanical elements through HMI or SCADA systems.

amphora process engineering

Why Us


Storage of liquid and solid raw materials in optimal conditions.


Conveyance of liquid and solid raw materials and products according to the required flow rates.


High-precision dosing of liquid and solid raw materials.


Mixing and agitation of liquid and solid raw materials to achieve a final product.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Cleaning systems for perfect hygiene of the installation.
Turnkey projects from start to finish.

Relevant Processes in Food Industry

Dosification of Liquid and Solid Products in Baking and Pastry

Dosage of major and minor ingredients, both liquid and solid. From dosing flour and micro-ingredients to yeast, oil, and pasteurized egg, with the utmost precision.

Agitación, Homogeneización y Dosificado de Levadura

Systems for homogenization of liquid yeast for perfect thermal exchange.

We also develop systems for dosing yeast using a valve island. This achieves great filling precision, recirculation, and automatic dosing to the destination point.

Turnkey Comprehensive Projects

Design, Manufacturing, Installation, and Commissioning

Every product requires the storage of the various ingredients that compose the final product, their dosing, and finally mixing and agitation to achieve the desired result.

At Amphora Process, we analyze each component of this formulation to carry out the process with the utmost guarantees regarding food safety in storage, maximum precision in dosing, and perfect mixing to obtain the desired product result, always ensuring perfect hygiene at each point.

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