Industrial Process Automation

We Raise Your Production Standard

At Amphora Process, we specialize in developing tailored solutions in process automation and control for the food, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.


Efficient Solutions and Innovative Technologies

Precision is our promise, and efficiency our commitment

We understand that each industrial process has its own complexity and unique demands. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that drive efficiency and quality, positioning your production plant at the forefront of technology and operational excellence.

Our team of programmers is dedicated to developing comprehensive automation solutions. From the core of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic components, we create systems that coordinate and synchronize every aspect of your plant for harmonious and optimized operation.

Storage, Conveying, and Dosing Systems

We offer specialized facilities for handling liquids and solids, integrating cutting-edge technology that ensures autonomous and safe operation. Each component is designed to work together, creating operational synergy that translates into superior performance and unmatched quality.

amphora process engineering

Improve your costs, enhance precision, and eradicate errors

Automation is not just a technological improvement, it’s a revolution in operational efficiency:

Time Optimization

Automated systems drastically reduce cycle times, allowing accelerated production and timely delivery to your customers.

High Precision

Perfect coordination and synchronization are possible thanks to the precision that automation technology brings, ensuring that every part of the operation works with millimetric accuracy.

Error Reduction

Rigorous programming and controlled operation eradicate the errors that often arise in manual processes, ensuring consistent quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Integrated Solutions

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

PLCs are the brains behind automation, facilitating smooth and controlled operation. These industrial computers are designed to manage and automate processes, allowing precise coordination between the different machines and systems that make up your plant.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is the bridge between the operator and the automated operation. This intuitive interface translates complex variables into understandable and actionable information, allowing operators and supervisors to monitor and control the process in real time.


Our SCADA system is the link between control and supervision. It provides a robust platform for monitoring, control, data collection, and analysis, enabling effective and timely remote management. The main function of SCADA is to analyze and correct any deviations in real time, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels are the electrical heart of your installation. We manufacture custom electrical panels, complying with all current international regulations. Through design with EPLAN, we ensure efficient and safe distribution of energy, allowing each component to receive the necessary power to operate optimally.

At the Technological Vanguard

Discover Effective Automation with Amphora Process

At AMPHORA PROCESS, technological advancement meets experience and knowledge to take your operation to the next level.

We invite you to explore how our automation solutions can transform your production process. With a strategic investment in automation, you are not only optimizing your current operation but also positioning your company for a competitive and successful future.

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