Industrial Solid and Liquid Dosing

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At AMPHORA PROCESS, we are experts in orchestrating dosing systems for both batch and continuous processes in the food, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors. We understand that each industrial process carries a distinctive essence, which is why we design tailored solutions that elevate your efficiency and quality to the next level. Precise dosing is crucial for the successful completion of a final product, adhering to the guidelines of an established recipe. We offer various types of dosing for liquids and solids, adapting to your needs.


<h2>Solid Industrial Dosing Systems</h2>

1. Volumetric Dosing

En la dosificación volumétrica, la cantidad de material se determina según su volumen, no su peso. Un mecanismo, como un sinfín (un tipo de tornillo sin fin), transporta el material a una velocidad constante hacia un receptor de pesaje. Este método es bastante directo y es útil cuando la densidad del material es constante y no se ve afectada por factores externos.

2. Gravimetric Dosing:

This method relies on the weight of the material to determine the correct dosage. It can be performed in two modalities:

  • Batch: Here, a determined quantity of product is dosed into a receiver, equipped with load cells to measure weight. Then, this quantity is transferred to a final equipment such as a mixer or blender according to the planned recipe.
  • Continuous: Density and dosing speed are controlled to maintain a constant addition of product. Adjustments are made in real-time by a control system to compensate for any variation due to external factors.

3. Dosage in Pneumatic Conveying:

Pneumatic conveying is a method for moving materials in the form of powder or granules through pipelines with the help of compressed air or gas.

Benefits include flexible transportation line layouts, efficient collection and distribution, low maintenance, and simple assembly.

  • Dilute Phase: Uses large volumes of high-speed air to transport materials that are not fragile or abrasive.
  • Dense Phase: Uses less air volume and higher pressure to transport fragile or abrasive materials in batches, reducing wear and energy consumption.

<h2>Liquid Industrial Dosing System</h2>

Industrial Liquid Dosing Systems - Amphora Process

1. Transferring and Dosing of Liquids:

Transferring and dosing liquids require precise flow control to ensure accurate dosing.

Several parameters such as density, viscosity, and head losses are considered to design a functional system with the necessary instruments such as pumps, valves, flow meters, among others, ensuring accuracy in liquid addition according to requirements.

Each of these dosing processes aims to ensure that ingredients or materials are added in the correct quantities, at the right time, and in the right way, to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the production process.

Furthermore, automation and control in these processes contribute to minimizing errors, saving time, and reducing operating costs.

Discover how AMPHORA PROCESS can revolutionize your operation. Our team of experts is ready to design a customized solution that boosts your productivity.

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