Specific Applications in Industrial Processes

We optimize the quality of your production process.

At AMPHORA PROCESS, we specialize in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of essential auxiliary equipment for the optimal operation of a production plant in the food, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors. We recognize that each industrial process has its peculiarities, so we offer precise solutions designed to boost the efficiency and quality of your operation.

Efficient Solutions and Innovative Technologies

Specific Solutions Available for Your Industrial Process

At AMPHORA PROCESS, we understand the complexity and demands of each industrial process. Therefore, every solution we propose is the result of meticulous analysis, careful design, and precise execution. Our goal is to provide tools and technologies that enable you to achieve and maintain an optimal level of efficiency and quality in your operation.

Engineering in Specific Industrial Applications, manufacturing of industrial CIP cleaning systems. Ingénierie dans les Applications Industrielles Spécifiques, fabrication de systèmes de nettoyage industriel CIP.

On-site Cleaning (CIP - Cleaning in Place)

CIP technology enables cleaning and disinfection procedures to be carried out without dismantling equipment, circulating cleaning solutions through tanks and process lines in a closed circuit, according to predefined sequences, temperature, time, and chemical agents.

Its purpose is to remove organic residues and prevent bacterial proliferation and biocorrosion, thus ensuring hygiene and product quality. Automated CIP systems represent a significant advancement in reducing cleaning times and operating costs, guaranteeing the robust hygiene demanded by the food and beverage industry.

Engineering in Specific Industrial Applications, Manufacturing of Industrial Bioreactors


A bioreactor is an infrastructure or system designed to maintain a biologically active environment conducive to the development of chemical processes involving organisms or biochemical substances derived from them. They can operate under aerobic or anaerobic conditions and are essential for cell or tissue cultures in the field of tissue engineering.

Generally made of stainless steel, bioreactors vary in size and shape, but they all aim to maintain critical conditions such as pH, temperature, nutrients, and dissolved oxygen controlled to ensure the effectiveness of the ongoing biological process.

Waste Recovery (PIG - Pigging Systems)

Merchandise Recovery Systems (Pigging) maximize product utilization within pipelines, with a recovery efficiency of up to 98%.

By means of a hygienic device known as a “pig,” with elastomeric seals adjusted to the pipe diameter, it is possible to displace product residues to the desired point in the installation using water or compressed air. This technology represents an effective solution for minimizing product loss and optimizing process efficiency.

Spray Dryer

The Spray Dryer by AMPHORA PROCESS is your gateway to efficiency in transforming liquid solutions into high-quality solids. Ideal for sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food industries.

Efficiently converts aqueous or organic solutions into powdered products, such as powdered milk, instant coffee, and solid drug dosages, among others. Discover how this technology can revolutionize your production process.

At the Technological Vanguard

High-Performance Specific Applications with Amphora Process

Discover how our specific solutions can transform your industrial process. At AMPHORA PROCESS, we offer cutting-edge technology and specialized technical support to ensure operational excellence at every stage of your production process.

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