Comprehensive Solutions in Industrial Engineering

At Amphora Process Engineering, we specialize in Industrial Processes with Storage of raw materials in their optimal conditions, Conduction depending on flow rates, High-precision Dosing as well as Mixing and Agitation to achieve a final product

Industrial Process Engineering for Liquids and Solids

We have the knowledge and methodology for the analysis of raw materials and final products for their storage, transportation, dosing, and mixing, as well as the human resources and technical means to cover all needs related to the integrated project management.

Technological Solutions and Equipment

We have the most advanced technology in automation systems, conduction, dosing, mixing, storage, and cleaning. At Amphora Process, once the physical and chemical characteristics of the product are analyzed, based on these parameters, we use various mechanical, electrical, and electronic components and decide on the optimal system for the success of the overall installation.

Supervision and Start-up

At Amphora Process, we ensure a successful start-up of all our production processes, with our assistance and support available at all times.

At Amphora Process Engineering, we are specialists

Why Us


Storage of liquid and solid raw materials in their optimal conditions


Conduction of liquid and solid raw materials and products according to the required flow rates


High-precision dosing of liquid and solid raw materials, as well as the final product, up to the packaging point


Mixing and agitation of liquid and solid raw materials to achieve a final product

Comprehensive Projects

We carry out all phases of the project, from conception to the start-up of the process, always maintaining control and global supervision. We analyze the various regulations in force to ensure the legal compliance of our solutions.

Solutions for Solids and Liquids

We cover the design, development, implementation, manufacturing, and installation of equipment for production processes involving both solids and liquids.

Innovation and Technology

Convinced of always being at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies in the field of Process Engineering, ensuring that our solutions are optimal, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

Sustainability and Environment

We work to provide engineering solutions that minimize environmental impact, reduce carbon footprint, and promote sustainability.

Specialization in the food, chemical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Areas of Operation


Innovative engineering to boost quality, safety, and efficiency in food production that delights today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. At Amphora Process, we are also aware of the importance of hygiene, so we always analyze and study the best options for perfect cleaning of the installation.


Customized engineering solutions to drive efficiency, sustainability, and quality in an ever-evolving world. At Amphora Process, we are aware of the multitude of products available on the market and their physical and chemical properties, where we always provide the best solution to achieve a reliable and long-lasting outcome.


We enhance your line of cosmetic products by optimizing processes, improving efficiency, productivity, and profitability for your business. At Amphora Process, we understand the importance of achieving a perfect mixing or emulsification process, so we design the agitation system according to the product requirements.


Advanced engineering to develop efficient, safe, and cutting-edge pharmaceutical facilities, improving the lives of millions of people. At Amphora Process, we are aware of the importance of sterilizing systems, so we meticulously study points that may be susceptible to contamination, completely reducing risks in this regard.


Precision engineering for the biotechnology industry, revolutionizing the future of health and the environment with sustainable and disruptive solutions.

Who We Are

Amphora Process Engineering, located in Paterna-Valencia, specializes in solutions for handling raw materials, both liquid and solid.

Founded by José Benavent Corachan and Hugo Martino Fortea, we offer customized solutions in sectors such as food, cosmetics, and biotechnology, with the vision of being leaders at both national and international levels.

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