Biotechnology Industry

The biotechnology industry is distinguished by its focus on the application of biological systems and living organisms to develop or modify products and processes. Dependent on scientific research and constant innovation, this high-risk and high-potential industry requires significant investment in infrastructure and specialized human resources, and operates under a rigorous regulatory framework to ensure the safety and well-being of people and the environment.


Industrial Process Engineering

Challenges and Solutions for Biotechnology Production

Genetic Engineering

The biotechnology industry employs genetic engineering techniques to modify organisms and develop specific products. This approach allows for the creation of highly specialized solutions targeted at specific problems.


Fermentation is a key process in the production of biochemical compounds, such as enzymes, antibiotics, and food products. Biotechnology exploits this natural process by using modified or selected microorganisms to obtain products of interest.

Cell and Tissue Culture

Biotechnology relies on cell and tissue culture to research, develop, and produce pharmaceuticals, gene therapies, and stem cells, among others.


The biotechnology industry uses genetically modified organisms or biological processes to remove contaminants from the environment, such as heavy metals or toxic chemicals.

Production of Bioplastics and Biocomposites

Biotechnology also focuses on the production of plastics and biodegradable compounds from renewable sources, such as microorganisms or plant-based materials.

Gene Therapy and Personalized Medicine

Biotechnology enables the development of highly specific and personalized treatments and medications for genetic diseases or particular medical conditions, improving efficacy and reducing side effects.

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Relevant Processes in the Biotechnology Sector

Fermentation in Biotechnology

Fermentation is an anaerobic process in which microorganisms break down sugars to obtain energy in the absence of oxygen. In the case of biofuel production, such as bioethanol, fermentation of sugars from materials like corn, sugarcane, beet, or lignocellulosic cellulose is used, employing microorganisms such as yeast.

For second-generation bioethanol, lignocellulosic materials like agricultural residues (wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse) or forest residues are used as raw materials. The production process involves the breakdown of cellulose and hemicellulose present in these materials into fermentable sugars, which are then fermented by microorganisms like yeast or bacteria, resulting in bioethanol as the final product.

Fermentation is a process used in various industries for the production of chemicals, food, medicines, and biofuels. Optimizing fermentation conditions, such as adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients, and controlling variables like temperature and pH, are essential for increasing productivity and obtaining high-quality products.

Components of Sterile Mechanical Closures

Our sealing components and systems ensure optimal and efficient operation.

When it comes to hydraulic components and sealing systems, it is crucial to have a reliable and specialized supplier.

Sealing technology, along with hydraulic components, has been specially developed to meet the needs and demands of agitators. This ensures superior and long-lasting performance in any application.

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Any product requires the storage of the various ingredients that compose a final product, the dosing of these ingredients, and finally the mixing and agitation to achieve the end result.

At Amphora Process, we analyze each component of this formulation to carry out the process with the highest guarantees in terms of food safety in storage, maximum dosing precision, and perfect mixing to obtain the desired result in the product, always ensuring perfect hygiene at each point.

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